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Planning and Performance

Idaho Code 67-1901 through 67-1905 requires each state agency to prepare a strategic plan and performance measurement report each fiscal year to improve accountability to citizens and lawmakers, increase the ability of the legislature to assess and oversee agency performance and make policy and budget decisions, and increase the ability of agencies to deliver services and assess program effectiveness.

Strategic Planning

Each agency's strategic plan must contain its vision or mission, goals and core functions, objectives, performance measures, benchmark or performance targets, and external factors that could impact its ability to achieve its goals and objectives. It must cover at minimum a four-year horizon and be updated annually. Reports are due to the Division of Financial Management and Legislative Services Office by July 1 of each year.

The following goals are contained in DEQ's current strategic plan:

  • Make recognizable and measurable environmental improvements
  • Provide first-class customer service as a trusted source for environmental leadership
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement

Performance Measurement

Each agency's performance measurement report must contain basic profile information for the prior 4 fiscal years, including statutory authority and revenue and expenditure information, up to 10 key quantifiable benchmark performance measures and results capturing the agency's progress in meeting its goals, performance targets for the next fiscal year, and explanations useful for understanding the measures and results. Reports are due to the Division of Financial Management and Legislative Services Office by September 1 of each year.

The following 8 benchmark performance measures and targets for FY 2019 are contained in DEQ's most recent performance measurement report:

  1. Number of days, on a 2-year rolling average, to issue a permit to construct. Target: 99 days
  2. Percentage of days that the Air Quality Index category is correctly forecasted. Target: 100%
  3. Percentage of hazardous waste permits and/or reviews completed within established time frames. Target: 100%
  4. Number of Brownfield site assessments completed. Target: 10
  5. Percentage of time that continuous air monitoring stations and real-time radiation monitoring station are operational to monitor INL conditions. Target: 97%
  6. Number of ground water sampling events conducted. Target: 270
  7. Number of wadeable streams monitored following BURP protocols. Target: 280
  8. Percentage of wastewater loan recipients that complete their project and will be better positioned to sustain their operations into the future. Target: 100%
  9. Number of recycled water reuse permits issued. Target: 18
  10. Percentage of people served by community water systems provided drinking water meeting health-based standards. Target: 95%

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