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Burn Requests and Approvals

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The map below shows locations in the state of Idaho with final approval for crop residue burning to happen on 4/25/2019

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- Burn Requests - Burn Approvals - 3 Mile Radius Around Field Center - School - Hospital - Other institutions with Sensitive Populations (nursing homes, assisted living centers, etc)

Burn Approvals

There are no approved burns for the selected date.

Burn Requests

- (These requests are not approved for today)
Registration Number County Field Name Crop Type Acres View Registration
CRB2019-39 BANNOCK Field of Dreams Pasture 10 View Registration
CRB2019-23 BINGHAM pasture Pasture 8 View Registration
CRB2019-41 BOUNDARY 225 by Pumphouse Cereal Grain 60 View Registration
CRB2019-28 IDAHO Lower Quarter Cereal Grain 150 View Registration
CRB2019-28 IDAHO Middle Quarter Cereal Grain 10 View Registration
CRB2019-32 IDAHO Fenn Cereal Grain 80 View Registration
CRB2019-50 JEFFERSON F&G Miller Cereal Grain 22 View Registration
CRB2019-50 JEFFERSON F&G Flough Pump Cereal Grain 48 View Registration
CRB2019-18 LATAH elliot CRP 300 View Registration
CRB2019-44 LATAH West Field and East Field CRP 49 View Registration
CRB2019-51 MADISON Squires Cereal Grain 50 View Registration
CRB2019-51 MADISON Squires Shop Cereal Grain 20 View Registration
CRB2019-51 MADISON Broadhead Cereal Grain 12 View Registration
CRB2019-40 NEZ PERCE Intermediate wheat grass field Other Grass Species 9 View Registration
CRB2019-38 TWIN FALLS Arrington Field 1 Cereal Grain 13 View Registration
CRB2019-38 TWIN FALLS Hughes 2 Corn 18 View Registration
CRB2019-48 WASHINGTON Briggs East Corn 30 View Registration