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Environmental Conferences, Trainings & Workshops Hosted by DEQ

Periodically DEQ hosts conferences, trainings, and workshops on environmental topics to provide environmental professionals and other interested parties an opportunity to network and learn about air quality, water quality, and waste management issues of interest and concern.

Workshops and Training . .

  • Idaho Reuse and Operators Conference: Boise, May 21-23, 2019: This annual conference enables water and wastewater operators, engineers, public works directors, elected officials, consultants, developers, attorneys, environmental advocates, and other professionals to continue their education, network, and discuss key issues related to water reuse in Idaho and the West.
  • IPDES E-Permitting Training for Industrial Dischargers (non-POTWs): May and June 2019: DEQ is providing free IPDES E-Permitting training for applicants and permittees who must submit permit applications, reports, and other related information (except for DMRs). This single-day training is intended primarily for the certifying official or duly authorized representative who will be the facility’s E-Permitting administrator.

Previous Conferences, Trainings, and Workshops

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