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Oversight Agreements

A major responsibility of the INL Oversight Program is to ensure DOE’s compliance with legal agreements, including the 1995 Settlement Agreement requiring nuclear waste to be treated and removed from Idaho. Access information on each of the legal agreements currently in effect below.

1995 Settlement Agreement: Overview & FAQs

In October of 1995, the state of Idaho, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) reached agreement (most often called the Settlement Agreement) settling a lawsuit filed by the state to prevent shipment of spent nuclear fuel to the INL for storage. Learn more.

Navy Addendum to 1995 Settlement Agreement

The state of Idaho and the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program agreement (Addendum to 1995 Settlement Agreement) extends the nuclear Navy operations at the INL beyond 2035. Learn more.

2008 Agreement to Implement U.S. District Court Order dated May 25, 2006

In 2008, the State of Idaho and DOE finalized an agreement outlining a cleanup plan for buried waste at the INL.  Learn more.

Memorandum of Agreement Concerning  Research Quantities of Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel

In 2011, the State of Idaho and DOE finalized a Memorandum of Understanding stetting out conditions under which INL may receive limited research quantities of used commercial fuel.  Learn more.

Supplemental Agreement Concerning Conditional Waiver of Sections D.2.e and K1 of 1995 Settlement Agreement

In 2019, the state of Idaho and DOE finalized a supplemental agreement setting out conditions concerning conditional waiver of sections D.2.e and K.1 of the 1995 settlement agreement under which INL may receive limited research quantities of used commercial fuel  Learn more.

Agreement Concerning Handling of Spent Nuclear Fuel Generated by the Advanced Test Reactor

On February 4, 2020, the state of Idaho and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) finalized an agreement that addresses the handling of spent nuclear fuel generated during operations of the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL)  Learn more.