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DescriptorOpen DateClose DateRelated Document(s)DEQ Staff Contact
Water - Draft Water Reuse Permit - Basic American Foods - Shelley05/24/1706/23/17Draft Permit

Staff Analysis
Scott MacDonald
(208) 236-6160
Waste - Draft Workplan to Clean Up Soil Contamination at Former Hayden Carwash Property05/24/1706/23/17Voluntary Remediation Work Plan - DraftDerek Young
(208) 373-0525
Air - Draft Annual Air Quality Monitoring Network Plan05/22/1706/21/17Annual Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Network Plan - DraftSteve Miller
(208) 373-0432
Water - Draft 401 Certification - Boise National Forest Pole Creek Culvert Replacement Project05/19/1706/09/17Draft CertificationJulia Achabal
(208) 373-0550
Water - Draft Water Reuse Permit Renewal - City of Bellevue 05/15/1706/14/17Draft Permit

Staff Analysis
Jerimiah Fenton
(208) 736-2190
Water - Draft 401 Certification - Payette National Forest West Branch Weiser River Culvert Replacement Project05/09/1705/30/17Draft CertificationJulia Achabal
(208) 373-0550
Air - Propose Air quality Permit to Construct - Quest Aircraft Company - Sandpoint05/09/1706/08/17Public Notice

Permit Application

Proposed Permit

Statement of Basis
Tom Burnham
(208) 373-0477
Water - Draft 401 Certification - Boise National Forest Big Spruce Creek Culvert Replacement Project05/08/1705/30/17Draft CertificationJulia Achabal
(208) 373-0550
Water - Proposed Water Quality Improvement Plan for Crooked Creek05/08/1706/07/17Middle Salmon River-Chamberlain Creek Subbasin and Crooked Creek Total Maximum Daily Load: 2017 Temperature TMDL and Five-Year Review - DraftMark Shumar
(208) 373-0132
Water - Proposed Revisions to Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems Guidance Manual05/05/1706/05/17Section 1.4: Product Approval

Section 1.5: Installer's Registration Permit and Service Provider Certification

Section 1.6: Service Provider

Section 1.9: Managed Operation, Maintenance, and Monitoring

Section 4.8: Extended Treatment Package System
James Craft
(208) 373-0144
Water - Draft 401 Certification - Shoshone County Public Works Pine Creek Road Bridge Project05/04/1705/25/17Draft Certification

Application Documents and Supplemental Information
June Bergquist
(208) 666-4605
Air - Proposed Air Quality Permit - J.R. Simplot - Pocatello05/02/1706/01/17Public Notice

Permit Application

Draft Permit

Statement of Basis
Kelli Wetzel
(208) 373-0575
Air - Proposed Air Quality Permit - Idaho Forest Group - Laclede05/02/1706/01/17Public Notice

Permit Application

Draft Permit

Statement of Basis
Shawnee Chen
(208) 373-0176
Water - Triennial Review Issue Papers04/11/1706/30/17Issue Paper #1: Modified Aquatic Life Use for Undesignated Waters

Issue Paper #2: Salmonid Spawning Use Designation

Issue Paper #3: Recreational Use and Criteria

Issue Paper #4: Comparison of Idaho Aquatic Life Criteria for Certain Toxic Substances with Current EPA § 304(a) Recommended Criteria – Acrolein, Ammonia, Cadmium, Carbaryl, Diazinon, and Selenium

Issue Paper #5: Cold Water Aquatic Life Criteria for Turbidity

Issue Paper #6: EPA Review and Approval of State Water Quality Standards (“Alaska Rule”)

2017 Triennial Review of Idaho Water Quality Standards Workshop Presentation
Jason Pappani
(208) 373-0515