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Notice of Pending Public Comment Period

DEQ provides an Idaho Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (IPDES) draft permit to facilities for preliminary review. The facility has a number of days to review the preliminary draft permit and fact sheet for errors or omissions. DEQ will revise the preliminary documents as needed, then notify the public of the start of a 30-day public comment period.

Facility Date Review Period
There are no documents out for review at this time.    

Public Comment Opportunities

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DescriptorOpen DateClose DateRelated Document(s)DEQ Staff Contact
Water - Draft 401 Certification – Boundary Creek Road-Dagger Creek Bridge Installation07/08/2007/29/20Draft 401 CertificationKati Carberry
(208) 373-0550
Water - Draft 401 Certification – Boise County-Grimes Creek Pass Road Culvert07/07/2007/28/20Draft 401 CertificationKati Carberry
(208) 373-0550
Water - Draft 401 Certification - Middle Fork St. Maries River - Robert Kruger07/06/2007/28/20Draft 401 Certification


Request Letter

Design Plans
Chantilly Higbee
(208) 666-4605
Water - DEQ seeks comment on draft water reuse permit renewal for Glanbia Foods, Inc.07/06/2008/05/20Draft Permit

Staff Analysis
Jerimiah Fenton
(208) 373-0551
Water - Draft 401 Certification - Riverside Road Improvements - Western Federal Lands07/02/2007/23/20Draft 401 Certification


Support Document
Chantilly Higbee
(208) 666-4605
Air - DEQ seeks public comment on draft Permit to Construct for Fort Hall Mine Road Landfill06/30/2007/30/20PTC Modification

Legal Notice


Statement of Basis
Zach Pierce
(208) 373-0283
Water - Draft 401 Certification - Santa Creek Bank Stabilization - Dan Malek06/30/2007/22/20Draft 401 Certification


Request Letter

Appendix Plan View

Appendix Plan Detail
Chantilly Higbee
(208) 666-4605
Water - Draft 401 Certification - Sill Creek Culvert Replacement - Gunters06/29/2007/20/20Draft 401 Certification

Sujata Connell
(208) 799-4370
Water - Draft 401 Certification - Teton County Public Works - Road Reconstruction06/26/2007/27/20Draft 401 CertificationTroy Saffle
(208) 528-2650
Water - DEQ seeks comment on draft permit modification for Stonebriar Homeowners Association, Inc.06/22/2007/22/20Staff Analysis

Draft Permit Modification
Danielle Terhaar
(208) 373-0274
Air - Draft T1 and Permit to Construct - Evergreen Forest and Tamarack Energy Partnership - New Meadows06/10/2007/10/20Legal Notice

Draft T1 Permit

Draft Permit to Construct

T1 Statement of Basis

PTC Statement of Basis

T1 Renewal Application

Application Guide

Morrie Lewis
(208) 373-0495
Water - Lolo Creek Tributaries Watershed 2017 Temperature TMDL 06/01/2007/01/20Lolo Creek Tributaries Watershed 2017 Temperature TMDLMark Sellet
(208) 799-4896
Water - Draft Permit Modification - Kalispell Bay Sewer District05/21/2006/23/20Permit Modification 1

Staff Analysis
Taylor Enos
(208) 666-4634
Water - Draft 401 Certification - J.R. Simplot Company Dairy Syncline Phosphate Mine05/21/2006/11/20Draft 401 Certification

Joint Application Figures

Joint Application Attachments
Lynn Van Every
(208) 236-6160