Protecting Public Health and the Environment.

Current Permits Issued by DEQ

DEQ issues permits to regulate emissions of air pollutants, reuse of recycled water, and treatment, storage and disposal of hazardous wastes. The purpose of environmental permits is to protect public health and the environment. Permits establish the conditions under which facilities that generate pollution may operate. Permits represent a contract between the businesses and the government that the facilities will comply with applicable state and federal pollution control laws.

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Records 1031 to 1040 of 1125
PermitteePermit NumberPermit TypeEffective DateExpire DateDocument Links
U.S. Air Force Mountain Home Air Force Base
Mountain Home, Elmore County
M-154-04Wastewater Reuse06/27/1706/27/27Permit
U.S. Department of Energy - INL
Scoville, ID
P-2015.0023Air - PTC01/12/18Permit

Statement of Basis

Response to Comments
U.S. Department of Energy INEEL TRA
Idaho Falls, ID
023-00001Air - PTC09/09/02Permit

U.S. Department of Energy INL INTEC
Idaho Falls, ID
P-2008.0199Air - PTC08/31/09Permit

U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration
Boise, ID
001-00194Air - PTC09/16/02Permit

U.S. Ecology Idaho Site B
Grand View
EPA ID#: IDD073114654Hazardous Waste07/28/1607/28/26Permit

Attachment 1 - Facility Description

Attachment 2 - Waste Analysis Plan

Attachment 3 - Security Procedures

Attachment 4 - Inspection Plan

Attachment 5: Training Plan

Attachment 6 - Hazards Prevention Plan

Attachment 7 - Contingency Plan

Attachment 8 - Response Action Plan

Attachment 9 - Closure and Post-Closure Plans

Attachment 9a - Final Cover Design for Cells 14 and 15 for Alternative Evapotranspiration Final Cover

Attachment 9b - Response to Comments

Attachment 10 - Surface Water Management Plan

Attachment 11 - Ground Water Monitoring

Attachment 12 - RCRA Part A Permit Application

Attachment 13 - Container Management Units

Attachment 14 - Bulk Material Tank Systems

Attachement 14a - Appendix D.9.5 Containment Building- Debris Portion- Process Flow Description

Attachment 15 - Outdoor Stabilization Facility - Design and Operation

Attachment 16 - Reserved for Future Use

Attachment 17 - Surface Impoundment Units

Attachment 17 Appendix D.4.11 - Evaporation Pond Reconstruction Engineering Report

Attachment 18 - Landfill Engineering Report Cell 16, Subcells 16-1 and 16-2

Attachment 18 Appendix D.5.10 - Landfill Engineering Report Addendum Cell 16: Subcells 16-1 and 16-2

Attachment 19 - Process Description

Attachment 20 - Master Book of Drawings

Attachment 21 - Reserved for Future Use

Attachment 22 - Past Practice Units

Attachment 23 - Safety Assessment

Attachment 24 - Containment Building and Debris Treatment

Attachment 25 - Treatment Process Description

Attachment 26: List of Permit Modifications
U.S. Ecology Site A
Bruneau, ID
EPA ID#: IDD000773952Hazardous Waste10/30/17Permit

Attachment 1: Facility Description and Site Maps

Attachment 2: Post-Closure Plan

Attachment 3: Post-Closure Financial Requirements

Attachment 4: Ground Water Monitoring Plan

Attachment 5: Ground Water Sampling and Analysis Plan

Attachment 6: RCRA Part A Application
U.S. Forest Service - Sam Owen Campground
Hope, ID
M-020-05Wastewater Reuse05/20/1605/20/26Permit
Univar Solutions USA Inc.
Boise, ID
P-2019.0048Air - PTC09/09/19Permit

University Collision
P-2011.0028Air - PTC - Auto Coating Ops04/28/15Permit

Statement of Basis



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