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Water Quality Plans & Reports in DEQ's Boise Region

Subbasin Assessments and Total Maximum Daily Loads

Listed below are subbasins in which subbasin assessments (SBAs) and/or total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) have been completed for water bodies in DEQ's Boise Region. Click on the subbasin name to link to an overview of water quality in the subbasin, a list of streams and pollutants for which TMDLs were developed, and related documents, including subbasin assessments and TMDLs, addenda, implementation plans, and 5-year reviews. (Access the statewide list of SBAs/TMDLs here.)

Ground Water Studies and Reports

Surface Water Studies and Reports

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Staff Contacts

Surface Water Quality Manager
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Water Quality Analyst

Water Quality Analyst
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Water Quality Analyst
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Water Quality Analyst
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Water Quality Analyst
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Water Quality Analyst
Danie Merriman
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Short-Term Activity Exemption (STAE)

STAE Application Form  |  PDF Format
Use this form to request DEQ approval of a short-term (construction) activity where (1) ground water may be encountered and discharged to surrounding surface waters or (2) surface water needs to be diverted and/or discharged to a surface water body.

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