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Quality Assurance Project Plans and Standard Operating Procedures

The Waste Management and Remediation Division adheres to DEQ’s Quality Management Plan to ensure quality data collection and analysis. The division assesses data and other information received for waste management and remediation programs—Hazardous Waste, Solid Waste, Underground Storage Tank (UST), Leaking Underground Storage Tank, Brownfields, Voluntary Cleanup Program, General Remediation, Mining, Preliminary Assessments, and Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA). Program staff evaluate data and information submitted to DEQ by external parties, such as property owners, responsible parties, and their consultants, to determine that the data are of sufficient quantity, type, and quality before use in decision-making processes. DEQ’s evaluations are conducted using quality assurance project plans and standard operating procedures for third-party data and information generated by external parties. The following documents are used by DEQ staff to evaluate sample collection and data analysis. DEQ understands site-specific circumstances may exist and exceptions may occur.

UST Closures and Petroleum Storage Tank Release Investigations

Used Oil UST Closures and Release Sampling

Petroleum Assessment and Corrective Action

Petroleum Contaminated Soil

Staff Contacts

Assessment and Compliance Bureau Chief
Dean Ehlert
DEQ State Office
Waste Management & Remediation Division
1410 N. Hilton
Boise, ID 83706
(208) 373-0416

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