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If you own or plan to buy or sell property that you suspect may contain an underground storage tank (UST), it is important to find out. The question of possible contamination from a leaking tank (past or present) will likely come up in any transaction involving property that has or had a UST.

USTs are commonly found at gasoline stations, convenience stores, bus terminals, railroad yards, airfields, and auto dealerships but have also been found at schools, auto repair shops, farms, homes, factories, and retail facilities. While certain types of property are more likely than others to house USTs, any property could—USTs have been found in many unusual places.

A walk-through of a property may uncover evidence of abandoned USTs; however, there may be nothing visible aboveground to indicate the presence of USTs belowground.

DEQ maintains a database of active and closed UST sites across the state and may have information on the property you are interested in buying or selling. Search the database by city, county, or DEQ regional office to see if an active or closed UST has been found on the property.

DEQ State Office - Waste Management & Remediation Division

1410 N. Hilton
Boise, ID 83706
(208) 373-0502

Staff Contacts

UST Specialist
Mark Olsen
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