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Recreation Water Quality Health Advisories

The purpose of this page is to provide information related to current cyanobacteria — blue-green algae — and E. coli bacteria advisories in Idaho. DEQ will share information and provide a link to health advisories issued by public health districts or other agencies. The map and information table will be updated with the most current information as health advisories are issued and lifted throughout the season.

Remember: Only a fraction of all water bodies in Idaho are monitored due to limited physical and monetary resources. A water body with no advisory is not an indication that a bloom or bacterial outbreak is not present. You are your own best advocate when ensuring your safety, and that of your family and pets. Be aware and "when in doubt, stay out."



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Active Harmful Algal Bloom Advisories

County Waterbody Date Issued Dominant Toxin DEQ Contact
Kootenai Black Lake 6/28/2017 Aphanizomenon Kajsa Van de Riet, Coeur d'Alene Regional Office, (208) 769-1422
Camas Mormon Reservoir 6/23/2017 Cyanobacteria Shell Howard, Twin Falls Regional Office, (208) 736-2190
Elmore Little Camas Reservoir 7/18/2017 Aphanizomenon Graham Freeman, Boise Regional Office, (208) 373-0461

Active E. coli Advisories

County Waterbody Date Issued Advisory Contact
Ada Esther Simplot Park Ponds 6/21/2017 City of Boise - Boise Parks and Recreation

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