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§401 Certifications: NPDES Permits

General NPDES Permits in Idaho

Tiering Determination

The guide below has been developed to help applicants applying for coverage under NPDES general permits (e.g., Construction Stormwater General Permit, Multi-Sector General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Industrial Activities) determine whether the receiving water body in the project area should receive Tier 1 or Tier 2 antidegradation protection.

§401 Certifications

DEQ has issued or proposes to issue the following §401 certifications of general NPDES permits:

To view information regarding the general NPDES permits for which these certifications have been or are proposed to be issued, visit the EPA Region 10 General NPDES Permits webpage.

NPDES Permits Requiring Individual Certification

§401 Certifications

CountyPermitteePermit NumberWater Body ImpactedAssessment UnitIssuance Date
AdaAda County Highway District, Boise State University, City of Boise, City of Garden City, Drainage District #3, and Idaho Transportation Department District #3IDS-027561Boise River and associated tributariesID17050114SW011a_06, ID170050114SW005_06, ID17050114SW001_06, ID17050114SW008_03, ID17050114SW010_02 and 03, ID17050114SW010_0311/01/12
AdaBoise (City of) Lander Street Wastewater Treatment FacilityID-00020443Boise River, lower Snake RiverID17050114SW005_0608/31/12
AdaBoise (City of) West Boise Wastewater Treatment FacilityID-002398-1Boise River, Dixie SloughID17050114SW005_0605/24/13
AdaBoise (City of) West Boise Wastewater Treatment FacilityID-002398-1Boise River, lower Snake RiverID17050114SW005_0608/31/12
AdaStar Sewer and Water District Wastewater Treatment PlantID-002359-1Lawrence-Kennedy CanalNearest downstream AUs are ID17050114SW005_02, Mill Slough, and ID17050114SW005_06a, Boise River02/20/15
AdaAvimor Water Reclamation FacilityID-0028371Spring Valley CreekID17050114SW013_0302/12/16
AdaMeridian (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-0020192Fivemile Creek, Boise RiverID17050114SW010_03, ID17050114SW005_0604/12/17
AdamsNew Meadows (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-002315-9Little Salmon RiverID17060210SL007_0406/04/13
BannockPocatello (City of) Wastewater Treatment FacilityID-0021784Portneuf River above American Falls ReservoirID17040208SK001_0507/12/12
BinghamBlackfoot (City of) Wastewater Treatment FacilityID-002004-4Snake RiverID17040206SK022_0406/14/13
BinghamEastern Idaho Regional Wastewater Treatment Authority Oxbow Wastewater Treatment PlantID-00201330Snake RiverID17040206SK022_0403/21/14
BinghamFirth (City of) Wastewater Treatment FacilityID-0024988Snake RiverID17040206SK022_0402/11/13
BinghamAberdeen (City of)ID0020176Hazard Creek (Aberdeen Drain) and Little Hole Draw on American Falls Reservoir17040206SK025_02a12/15/15
BlaineHailey (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-0020303Big Wood RiverID17040219SK004_0504/13/12
BlaineKetchum (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-0020281Big Wood RiverID17040219SK004_0504/13/12
BlaineThe Meadows LLC Wastewater Treatment PlantID-0024422Big Wood RiverID17040219SK007_0504/16/12
BonnerPriest River (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-002080-0Pend Oreille RiverID17010214PN001_0809/29/11
BonnerSandpoint (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-0020842Pend Oreille River17010214PN002_0802/03/17
BonnevilleIdaho Falls (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-0021261Snake RiverID17040201SK001_0408/06/12
BoundaryBonners Ferry (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-002022-2Kootenai RiverID17010104PN029_0809/16/11
CamasFairfield (City of) Wastewater Treatment FacilityID-0024384Soldier Creek17040220SK011_0204/24/15
CanyonGreenleaf (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-002830-4West End DrainNearest downstream AU is ID17050114SW001_02, Dixie Slough11/02/12
CanyonNotus (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-002101-6Conway GulchID17050114SW001_0608/19/13
CanyonCaldwell (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-0021504Boise River17050114SW005_06b07/19/16
CanyonParma (City of) Wastewater Treatment FacilityID-0021776Sand Hollow CreekID17050114SW017_0310/24/16
CaribouGrace (City of) Wastewater Treatment FacilityID-0023825Bear River at the Grace ForebayID16010202BR009_0609/02/14
CassiaMcCain Foods USA - Burley FactoryID-0000612Snake RiverID17040209SK001_0709/11/14
ClearwaterWeippe (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-0020354Jim Ford CreekID17060306CL035_0309/08/14
CusterHecla Mining Company, Grouse Creek UnitID-002646-8Yankee Fork Salmon River and Jordan CreekID17060201SL042_03 and ID17060201SL032_0412/04/17
ElmoreGlenns Ferry (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-002200-4Mid-Snake and Portneuf RiversID17050101SW005_0710/04/11
FranklinPreston (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID0020214Worm CreekID16010202BR005_02b02/10/17
FremontAshton (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-0023710Unnamed creek, tributary to Spring CreekID17040202SK001_0201/16/14
IdahoFenn Ranger Station Wastewater Treatment PlantID-002071-1Selway RiverID17060302CL001_0609/10/12
IdahoRed River Ranger Station Wastewater Treatment PlantID-002069-9South Fork Red RiverN/A02/03/12
IdahoRiggins (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-002093-1Salmon RiverID17060209SL011_0708/07/12
IdahoSlate Creek Ranger Station Wastewater Treatment PlantID-0020737Salmon RiverID17060209SL011_0709/04/12
IdahoElk City Water and Sewer Association Wastewater Treatment FacilityID-002201-2Elk CreekID17060305CL056_0302/26/15
IdahoNorth Idaho Correctional Institute Wastewater Treatment PlantID0025887Unnamed tributary to Lawyer CreekID17060306CL024_0206/02/17
JeffersonCity of Rigby Wastewater Treatment PlantID0020010Dry Bed CreekID17040201SK004_0609/26/16
KootenaiCoeur d'Alene (City of) MS4IDS-028215Coeur d'Alene Lake, Spokane RiverMultiple outfalls10/22/08
KootenaiIdaho Transportation Department MS4IDS-028223Fernan Creek, Coeur d'Alene LakeMultiple outfalls10/22/08
KootenaiLakes Highway District MS4IDS-028207Hayden LakeMultiple outfalls10/22/08
KootenaiPost Falls Highway District MS4IDS-028193Spokane RiverMultiple outfalls10/22/08
KootenaiPost Falls (City of) MS4IDS-028231Spokane RiverMultiple outfalls10/22/08
KootenaiPost Falls (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-0025852Spokane RiverID17010305PN003_0406/05/14
KootenaiHayden Area Regional Sewer BoardID-002659-0Spokane RiverID17010305PN004_0406/05/14
KootenaiCoeur d'Alene (City of) Wastewater FacilityID-002285-3Spokane RiverID17010305PN004_0406/05/14
LatahGenesee (City of) Wastewater Treatment Plant#ID0020125Cow CreekID17060108CL001_0303/07/17
Nez PerceLewiston (City of) Wastewater Treatment FacilityID-0022055Clearwater RiverID17060306CL001_0710/09/15
OwyheeHomedale (City of) Wastewater Treatment FacilityID-002042-7Snake RiverID17050103SW001_0705/08/13
OwyheeMarsing (City of) Wastewater Treatment FacilityID0020427Snake River17050103SW001_0709/11/15
PayetteFruitland (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-002033-8Snake RiverID17050115SW001_0809/20/11
PayetteFruitland (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-002119-9Payette RiverID17050122SW001_0609/20/11
PayettePayette (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-0020672Payette RiverID17050122SW001_0609/02/14
PayetteNew Plymouth (City of) Wastewater Treatment FacilityID-0020389Unnamed Drainage Ditch to Payette RiverMan-made06/17/16
PowerAmerican Falls (City of)ID-002075-3Snake River below American Falls DamID17040209SK011_0702/21/14
ShoshoneClarkia Water and Sewer District Wastewater Treatment PlantID-002507-1St. Maries RiverID17010304PN015_0511/14/11
ShoshoneMullan Wastewater Treatment Plant, South Fork Coeur d'Alene River Sewer DistrictID0021296South Fork Coeur d'Alene RiverID17010302PN011_0307/15/13
ShoshoneSouth Fork Coeur d'Alene River Sewer District, Page Wastewater Treatment PlantID0021300South Fork Coeur d'Alene RiverID17010302PN001_0307/15/13
ShoshoneSmelterville Wastewater Treatment PlantID0020117South Fork Coeur d'Alene RiverID17010302PN001_0307/15/13
ShoshoneU.S. Silver Corporation - Coeur and Galena Mines and MillsID-000002-7Lake Creek, South Fork Coeur d'Alene RiverMultiple outfalls09/29/06
Twin FallsIndependent Meat CompanyID-0000388Rock CreekID17040212SK013_04 and ID17040212SK013_0510/26/15
WashingtonWeiser (City of) Wastewater Treatment PlantID-002029-0Snake RiverID17050201SW004_0810/04/11

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