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Environmental Conferences, Trainings & Workshops Hosted by DEQ

DEQ hosts conferences, trainings, and workshops to provide environmental professionals and other interested parties an opportunity to network and learn about air quality, water quality, and waste management issues.

Workshops and Training

  • Basics of Wastewater Training: Meridian, January 29–30, 2020: Wastewater professionals who are interested in becoming certified wastewater treatment operators in Idaho are invited to attend Basics of Wastewater Treatment.​​
  • Water Quality Workshop: Boise: February 11–13, 2020: Please join us to discuss water quality methods, results and policy. Since 1990, this workshop has provided a forum for technical dissemination of water quality topics, as well as opportunities to network and share information. Attendance at the workshop is free.

  • Southwest Idaho Ground Water Quality Forum, February 19, 2020This forum will educate participants on the health impacts of ground water contamination in our region, potential sources of contamination, and actionable solutions to address the issue. 

  • Anaerobic Digestion Process, Equipment, and Math Training: February 21, 2020: This training will cover topics related to anaerobic digestion and solids handling such as sludge treatment options, the digestion process, equipment, and factors affecting anaerobic digestion. Operation and controls will also be discussed to explain how the process is monitored and provide operational adjustments for operators. Anaerobic digestion math will also be covered with several samples for students to complete. A certification-type anaerobic digestion exam will be given at the end of class.
  • Wastewater Collection Operator Review for OIT and Class I and II Certifications, March 2–3: This two-day class covers a review for those preparing for the Wastewater Operators - Collection OIT, and Class I and II Certification examinations. The subject material will be presented at an introductory level and will provide practical information to be used in the execution of duties in daily work in a collection system. The following subjects will be covered: introduction to collection systems, wastewater math, pumps and motors, collection system cleaning and CCTV, lift station operation and maintenance, collection system management, alternative collection systems, and confined space entry basics. Students will be given a study guide, including practice questions and reading material that will be covered in class.

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