Protecting Public Health and the Environment.

Environmental Education Resources

We all have a stake in protecting our environment — clean air, water, and land are essential to human existence. The more we know, the better able we will be to protect our environment. Fortunately, the environment is a fascinating subject for teachers, students, environmental professionals, and citizens alike.

Environmental Education Resources for Teachers

Teaching about the environment can be fun for both teachers and students. DEQ has developed lesson plans for various grade levels on a wide range of air quality, water quality, and waste management topics to assist teachers in providing environmental education. Learn more.

Environmental Education Resources for Students

Learning about the environment can be fun, too! DEQ has developed a number of brochures and fact sheets with hands-on activities that can help students take action to protect Idaho's air, water, and land resources. Learn more.

Environmental Conferences and Workshops Hosted by DEQ

Periodically DEQ hosts conferences and workshops on environmental topics to provide environmental professionals and other interested parties an opportunity to network and learn about air quality, water quality, and waste management issues of interest and concern. Learn more.

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